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Gwangju Labor Union decides not to take part in the Gwangju Type Job Project

한국노총 광주본부 광주형 일자리 참여 중단

Gwangju Labor Union decides not to take part in the Gwangju Type Job Project


The Gwangju Style Job Model project has met with crisis as local labor circles decided not to take a part in the venture.

Jongmin Kim has more.


The Gwangju regional headquarters of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, decided not take part in the joint venture establishment also known as the Gwangju Type Job Model.


The union previously urged Gwangju Global Motors, a joint venture launched last month, to accept 4 requirements; introducing a labor director system, dismiss newly appointed director Park Kwang-Sik, who is known for his anti-union stance, forming a civic advisory committee and adopting a ceiling system on wages for employees.


However, President of the joint venture Park Kwang-Tae sent an official letter to the headquarters expressing his intention that the four demands cannot be accepted.


The Gwangju Union headquarters warned that it will stop participating and cooperating in the project unless there was a visible change in attitude toward the labor proposal.


But the venture maintained their firm stance leading the labor union to decided not to take part in the new finished car manufacturing line establishment project.


Gwangju City is making all out efforts to find the point of contract as the conflict between the two sides is expected to be prolonged.

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