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Gwangju City, Holds Asia-Europe CICA Mayors’ Summit from Oct 27th to 29th

광주시, 27∼29일 아시아-유럽 도시연대 시장 회의 개최


Gwangju city announced that Gwangju is holding ‘2019 Asia-Europe CICA Mayors’ Summit’ at ACC(The Asian Cultural Complex) from 27th to 29th of this month. 


the meeting is aimed at realizing the value sharing, close cooperation and sustainable development initiative among innovative cities. And these were proposed by the Gwangju city at the ASEM Culture Ministers' Meeting in Gwangju in June 2016.


Many cities will present this meeting, 8 from Europe including Bristol UK, and Muenster Germany, 7 from Asia including Malaysia, Penang and Gwangju are participating in this big event. Starting with a welcoming dinner party at the Municipal Art Museum on 27th, an opening ceremony will be held at the Asian Culture Complex on 28th.

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