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Kang Han Ok, Mother of President Moon, passed away yesterday.

文대통령 모친 강한옥 여사 별세…3일간 가족장으로 치러


President Moon Jae Ins mother, Kang Han Ok, passed away yesterday at the age of 92 at a hospital in Busan according the Blue House spokesman Ko Min Jeong.

Kang was reportedly suffering from a long term  illness and was recently hospitalized due to her critical condition.

Spokesperson Ko said that President Moon plans to hold a quiet family funeral for three-days, and it will be a private mourning period. No condolence calls or flowers will be accepted.

On the day of his mothers passing, President Moon was participating in the 2019 National Saemaul (새마을) Leaders Competition in Suwon, however he departed for Busan and arrived at the hospital and was able to see his mother before she passed away.


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