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Gwangju and SK Telecom cooperates to open Smart Grid generation.

광주시·SK텔레콤스마트 그리드 시대 연다…실증사업 협약


Gwangju City announced that they have made a demonstration research business agreement with the SK Telecom Consortium at the business room in Gwangju City Hall on the 4th of November. They added that it will be a step forward to a Smart Grid generation. Additionally, more than 17 companies participated in the consortium.

Through the agreement; the Green Plan, new regenerating energy, sharing energy stored system with mobility and more will be demonstrated.

This business is supported by Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and the Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy (MOTIE). A total of 27 billion won including 13 billion won in national funding, 3 billion won of in local funds, and about 11 billion won from the Consortium will be invested into the project.

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