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Gwangju Bukgu district water supply to be temporarily cut.

광주 북구 일부 지역 5일부터 19일까지 수돗물 단수


Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks announced that due to inspection and maintenance work, they will stop water supply partially starting from November 5th to 19th in the City area.

On the scheduled date in each region, there will be no running water starting from 11 pm at the day to 6 am on the next day.

The company visited the water restricted areas to notify citizens of the schedule. They are also planning to supply bottled water on request.

Gwangju has so far completed 92 maintenance projects since 2005 and is now proceeding with work in 17 spots in Bukgu and Namgu District this year.

For more details, call Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks Headquarters at 609-6102~4.

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