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2019 BIXPO opens in Gwangju

한전 BIXPO 광주서 개막…8일까지 에너지기술 '한눈에'

The 2019 Bitgaram International Exposition of Electric Power (BIXPO) which leads the way for new technology in the energy sector, successfully opened on November 6th at the Kim Dae-Jung Convention Center.


Jong-Min Kim has more details.

 The 2019 Bitgaram International Exposition of Electric Power or BIXPO which leads the new technology in the energy sector, kicked off its 3-day run today at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center.


BIXPO, which marks its fifth anniversary this year by the host KEPCO, will feature various events including new technology exhibitions, international conferences, international patent exhibitions and job fairs.


According to the organizer, this year’s exhibition will focus on the digital hyper-connected society that has led to the Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


It is expected to present trends in energy technologies in the digital age through exhibitions of new technologies and more than 50 international conferences involving 290 global companies that lead the trend of new technologies.


The event has led the development of energy technology and explored new business models, and has achieved shared growth in the region including small businesses through collaborative convergence.

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