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Military Air Base site is to be installed at Muan

광주시군공항 후보지 무안 기정사실화 전남도 “유감” 후폭풍

Gwangju is facing public uproar for taking Muans designation as a site for the proposed military airport site without proper discussion with Jeonnam.

Jongmin Kim tells us more


Jeonnam expressed their regrets regarding the report that Gwangju City made an established fact of Jeonnams Muan County being a candidate site for the proposed military airport and for also indiscriminately conducting a public survey.

Residents at Muan previously formed a committee to voice their strong opposition towards the military airbase relocation without any prior discussions on the matter.


On November 5th, Muan County and the Gwangju Military Airport Countermeasures Committee reaffirmed that relocation of the military airport to Muan is absolutely impossible. The committee said Gwangju City is leaking false information regarding the matter.

In regard to the allegations, Gwangju City explained their stance on the issue, adding that misunderstandings could have been avoided if the two sides met and talked properly. Gwangju reaffirmed its stance as being willing to meet and start a discussion with the council very soon.


Despite Gwangju Citys explanation, they certainly do not escape censure that they predetermined Muan as a new site for the military airbase without any consultation. According to an internal document, members of the Gwangju Military Airport Relocation Headquarters visited Muan 18 times from October of 2018 to this September. The visits were for discussions on the relocation of the military airport, identification of the trends of public opinion and identification of local candidate sites.

In particular, suspicions on the excessive investigations were raised, as Gwangju was collecting sensitive information including individuals' inclination. They also stated that they might possibly relocate not only the military airport but also the air defense artillery on Mt. Mudeung (무등산) and the ammunition storage area in Maruk-dong (마륵동).

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