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Be aware not to violate test rules during the 2020 CSAT.

수능 일주일광주·전남 3대 부정행위 '요주의'

South Korean final year student are having their nerves sharpened as the 2020 College Scholastic Ability Test takes place next Thursday. With high stakes, rules have been issued to avoid students creating any misunderstandings .

Previously, around 40 students were caught due to test rule violations in last 5 years. Most of them broke the rules on the 3 major test regulations.

Some were caught for ignoring the fourth period test taking rules which allow solving one registered subject at a time to prevent cheating.

Answers should not be written after the exam time finishes. Even 1 second after violates the rules.

No electric devices except for analog watches  are allowed to be inside the classroom.

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