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Gwangju Global Motors to find partner companies for the Gwangju Type Job Project.

'광주형 일자리광주 글로벌모터스공장 신축 입찰 공고

The Gwangju Type Job Projects legal procedures,  Gwangju Global Motors, posted a public announcement to find its construction partners on November 8th.


The location will be at Gwangsan Districts 1st Bit-Green Industrial Complex measuring some 60,000 square meters in size.


Highly qualified construction businesses were asked to submit tenders.


The project is expected to finish construction by the 1st half of 2021 and start the mass production of vehicles by the 2nd half.


They will receive letters of intent until the 11th, have presentations of the construction site on the 13th of this month and announce the selected partnership companies by the middle of December.

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