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Dae Ahn Shin political party prepares their creation.

목포, '대안신당 전남도당 창당 준비모임' 개최

New Jeonnam political party, the Dae Ahn Shin Political party (tentative) met at the Kim Dae-Jung Nobel Peace Memorial Center to prepare before their official creation yesterday. Some 100 supporters including politician Park Ji Won, Yoon Young Ill, Cheoi Gyeong Hwan and more were present at the Mokpo center.


Park Ji Won described the party saying, Dae Ahn Shin party is based on Honam, and the party will work for the regions benefit and continue the former President Kim Dae Jungs political philosophy.


According to the party, Korea needs extended election districts for various reasons and they will also step forward in the corruption investigation agency and prosecution reform.


The party is planning to deliver their formation presentation at the National Assembly Members Office on the 17th and finalize it by this year.

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