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Gwangju City apologizes for the recent tap water incident.

광주시, '수돗물 이물질'에 사과…노후 상수도관 3㎞ 교체

The City of Gwangju yesterday apologized to the Nam-gu and Seo-gu Districts residents who experienced mud and foreign substances in their tap water. They also announced measures for the resolution.


The Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks Headquarters remarked that they will replace the old water pipes near Baegun (백운) Plaza while Subway line 2s, 1st level construction is underway. Some 6 billion won will be invested into the 3 kilometer long waterpipe replacement


The Headquarters will also launch a water drain process to remove mud near the scene of the  accident. They added that the quality of water is in standard levels after tests. However, the tap water might smell, but it will disappear after running for a while.


The waterworks temporarily cut the water supply due  to inspections from the 5th. However, residents had no tap water after 2 days and later experienced mud  and debris in their household water.

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