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Gwangju and Jeonnam Office of Education forming budget for next year.

광주교육청 22천억, 전남교육청 38천억원 내년 예산 편성

Gwangju and Jeonnam’s Offices of Education formed their budgets for next year with 2.2 and 3.8 trillion won respectively on Monday. The amount increased by 4.2 percent for Gwangju and 0.9 percent for Jeonnam compared to this year.


Gwangju is investing 50 billion won into its high school free education policy starting with 3rd grade and extending it to 2nd grade next year. Also, about 180 billion won will be used to improve the quality of school food and for the free kindergarten meal program.


As for facilities, around 400 billion was allocated for safety, 140 billion as operational costs, and 160 billion will be used for remodeling and new construction.


Meanwhile, Jeonnam will invest nearly 900 billion won into their educational goal of the Democratic-Innovative-Future program.


For the efficiency of the budget, Jeonnam officials claimed that they will reduce and abolish inefficient policies.

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