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More Than 34,000 Gwangju-Jeonnam Students Gear Up For College Entrance Exam

'수능 D-1' 예비소집일…광주-전남대학수능시험 특별교통대책 추진


Students are nervously readying themselves  to take the national College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), or Suneung today. Rescheduling of flights and imposing strict traffic restrictions will be among many measures taken to ensure there are minimal distractions for test takers.


Yeosung Seo has the details.


The national exam day is one of the most significant events in Korea as the results from the CSAT profoundly impact the futures of test-takers. Around 34,000 students will take the annual college entrance exam at 84 testing sites across Gwangju and Jeonnam.  548,000 test-takers nationwide will sit for the exam today.


Today, students were called in to appear at their designated testing center for orientation, where they checked their test ID slips to make sure they are signed up for the correct version of subjects chosen.


According to the Gwangju Local Government, Wednesday, it instructed its district offices and affiliates, along with local government-owned firms, to push their starting time back to 10 a.m. in order to reduce traffic congestion.


In addition, to improve punctuality, hundreds of public servants and civilian volunteers will be dispatched to places close to test centers to escort students who arrive late to their venues. Even the police will offer lifts in their patrol cars and on motorbikes.


During part of the test, all flights will be temporarily grounded at airports nationwide for the English listening portion for 35 minutes from 1:05PM to prevent distraction from noise.

 Test takers should remember that many restrictions will be enacted at the test sites as well, as students will be banned from having electronic devices, including mobile phones, smart watches, digital cameras and CD players.


Yeosung Seo, GFN NEWS
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