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Long delayed, first hearing on 'comfort women' lawsuit was held

日정부 상대 '위안부 손해배상소송 3년 만에 오늘 첫 재판


The first hearing in a lawsuit seeking damages from Japan for wartime sex slavery was held in Seoul on Wednesday afternoon.


The trial had been stalled until today as Tokyo returned the Seoul court's written notice on the lawsuit, delaying further proceedings. However, the court began a legal process that assumes the document has been handed to the defendant if the defendant continues to refuse to accept it, effectively enabling the trial to begin.


While the legal battle is finally set to begin, it is expected to be a rocky road. Five of the victims, who filed the suit, including Kwak Ye-nam, have passed away due to old age.


Meanwhile, the lawyers for a Democratic Society in Korea aim to criticize the Japanese government, saying its actions are infringing on the individual rights of the elderly victims. They also plan to ask the judicial branch to make a righteous decision given that this lawsuit may be the last chance for the women to get justice.

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