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Gwangju and Jeonnam examinees starts their CSAT.

광주 38개·전남 46개 시험장서 차분하게 시작광주경찰 수험생 긴급수송


The 2020 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is in progress at 38 testing sites in Gwangju and 46 in Jeonnam with around 34,000 test-takers today.


Gladly, the citys special CSAT measures worked in the morning. The police received 13 reports related to the CSAT attendance, 10 cases were of being late, 2 were regarding wrong destinations, 1 was about finding a test ID slip.


For the late examinees, the traffic police used their patrol cars and motorbikes to deliver students to the front door of exam sites.


The City dispatched some 443 officials from facilities including the police, drivers association, and more to transport students and support traffic control on the day.


Meanwhile, the weather didnt help much as the temperature went underneath 0 degree Celsius. However, students were warming enough as their families, friends, and teachers came out to root for them.


The exam began at 8:40 in the morning and will end at 5:40 in the afternoon. In addition, differently abled examinees will extend their tests until 8:20 at night. 38 students  in Gwangju and 13 in Jeonnam will partake in that. 


For the first time in the nation, the City dispatched an emergency rescue team at every testing site as well.

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