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Senior high school students complete this year's college entrance exam

"오늘부터 자유다"…수능끝 해방감 맛보는 수험생들


Police escorts, flights grounded and businesses shut all so that over 490 thousand Korean students could take the possibly once-in-a-lifetime college entrance exams.


Jongmin Kim will take us to the scene.


At the main gate of GwangDuk High School in Gwangju, a crowd of schoolmates shouting "Go get it" gave nervous exam-takers coffee, chocolate bars, tangerines and some sticky rice candy - all for good luck.


Test-takers were welcomed to school by younger students for the day long exam which can determine not only what university they will attend but also their career and ultimately their status in society.


It was a long and draining day for high school seniors and prospective college students. Over 34-thousand Gwangju and Jeonnam students completed this year's College Scholastic Ability Test or Suneung, as it's known in Korean just before 6 p.m.


Friends and family who were waiting outside the test centers welcomed them with big, warm hugs. It was a tough journey, not only today, but for the past few years.

Teachers and college admissions experts evaluated this year's CSAT to be similar in level of difficulty to last year's test, which was referred to as a "fiery CSAT" for being difficult. Thus they don't expect much controversy over the test's ability to evaluate and distinguish the scholastic ability of students. The results will be out in early December, and they'll be submitted as part of applications for university.

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