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Muan Int’l Airport sees highest number of travelers since its opening

무안국제공항 이용객 수, 사상 첫 80만명 돌파

Muan Airport, the only international airport in Jeollado, saw its highest number of passengers since it opened, breaking the 800 thousand threshold.


Jong Min Kim has more details


Muan International Airport has hosted over 800,000 visitors this year for the first time since its opening, according to the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) Muan Headquarters.


A total of 801,710 people traveled through Muan Airport as of September 7th and the number increased by 74.7% compared to the same period last year.


The number of domestic passengers rose 2.6 percent on-year to 193,000 while travelers to overseas destinations increased by 124% to 608,000.


Its international flights to Japan lost passengers due to Tokyos trade restrictions on South Korea; however, those traveling to China and South East Asia increased, resulting in an overall jump in passenger numbers.


Muan International Airport currently provides a total of 69 flights a week connecting to 10 cities in 6 different countries.


The Headquarters said a series of irregular flights on 6 routes will be newly launched starting at the end of this year including Guam, Clarkfield in the Philippines, Hanoi in Vietnam, Chiang Mai in Thailand and more.

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