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South Korean National Baseball Team eager to win ticket to 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

한국 야구오늘 밤 멕시코 잡으면 도쿄올림픽 출전 확정한다


The South Korean National Baseball Team will be playing a game against Mexico today in hopes of securing a ticket to 2020 Tokyo Olympics. They have to win in order to proceed.


South Korean manager Kim Kyung Moon officially announced that the Submarine pitcher Park Jong Hun will be the starting pitcher for the nation at the (WBSC) Premier 12. It is going to be his second start of the tournament. Previously, he pitched 4 innings without allowing one score to win 7-0 against Cuba.


The first pitch will be thrown at 7 pm today at the Tokyo Dome.


South Korea is currently at 2-1, ranked at 3rd under Mexico who is tied with Japan with 3-1. The nation will need to complete the tournament ahead of Chinese Taipei and Australia who are 5th and 6th in the standing.


The Premier 12 is an Olympic qualification tournament for the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. 

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