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South Korea and United States hold meeting for Special Measures Agreement.

한미 방위비 분담금 협정 3차회의 개최

Representatives from South Korea and the United States met in Seoul for the resolution of the Special Measures Agreement (SMA) on Monday. The 3rd meeting for the 11th agreement will continue until Tuesday.


For South Korea, the Chief Negotiator of the SMA, Jeong Eun Bo (정은보), will face James Dehart, the Senior Advisor for Security Negotiations and Agreements of the United States.


The conflict on the SMA between the two countries is getting bigger as the US Defense Secretary Mark Esper remarked that America is expecting Korea to pay more in defense costs, which is known to be around 5 billion dollars, at the 51st Security Consultative Meeting held last Friday.


Meanwhile, the floor leader of the ruling Democratic Party, Lee In Young (이인영) responded to it saying, The 5 times increased amount is an unrealistic and unreasonable demand. The government will use its veto power if needed.


The two countries previously met twice in Seoul in September and Hawaii last month to reach an agreement on the SMA.

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