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Muan expresses strong opposition over the relocation of Military airport

무안 군공항 반대대책위광주시청 항의 방문

Public uproar was expected as soon as the City of Gwangju designated Muan as a site for the military airport without proper discussion with the county.


Jong Min Kim has more details.


Amid continuous conflict over the relocation of the Gwangju Military Airport between the City and South Jeolla Province, a civic group of Muan and members of the County Council visited Gwangju City Hall today to express their strong resistance.


The Chair, 8 members of the council as well as the recently formed opposition group issued a statement urging for the withdrawal of the relocation plan of the military airport to Muan County.


They expressed regret on the Citys unilateral implementation of the project and its actions to foster conflict, even though the county has repeatedly emphasized the projects wrongful background and method, procedural problems, and the position of Muan County.


Last week, Jeonnam stated their opposition regarding the facts revealed during the administrative audit session that Gwangju City made a plan to move the air defense artillery and the ammunition storage to the county.


Residents also voiced their strong dispute towards the project without any prior discussions on the matter.


The conflict is now spreading to political circles ahead of the general elections, but the Defense Ministry and Gwangju City, which are the two main bodies of the project, have failed to provide specific solutions, resulting in a series of disputes between the regions.

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