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Old Jeonnam Provincial Office to recover the Gwangju Democratic Movement bullet marks.

"옛 전남도청 5·18 탄흔까지 원형복원"…내년 용역 실시

The Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Office Recovery Promotion Committee held its office remodeling project briefing session on Wednesday at the building to reveal bullet marks of the May 18th Democratic Movement.


The previous Jeonnam Provincial Office, which is located in Dongu District of Gwangju City, was known as the protesters final defensive fortress against the martial law troops of former President Chun Doo Hwan.


As 13 photo books of the 1980 Gwangju Movement were revealed to the public previously, the officials are looking forward to also use the photos as reference for the recovering process.


The project is scheduled to complete its blueprint by September 2020 and finish the remodeling by December 2022.


Officials remarked that not only the bullet marks but also the building will be restored to a state similar to 1980.

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