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CSAT will be 40 percent more substantial for college entrance admission in Seoul

서울 16개大 정시 40%로 확대…'불공정 논란학종 기준 공개

The Education Minister Yoo Eun Hae (유은혜) presented revised policies for college admission on Thursday at the Seoul Central Government Complex. The policy is known to weaken the involvement of powerful and rich parents.


According to the measure, by 2023, 16 universities  in Seoul which favored essay examinations including Korea (고려), Yonsei (연세), and Seoul National University will pick 40 percent of their new students depending on the State-administered college entrance exam, the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) or Suneung.


Currently, most of the universities in Seoul are choosing 27 percent of their new students by the result of the annual national exam.


For the transparency of the admission process, the colleges will have to make their standards public on freshmen selection on the basis of their portfolios according to the new policy.


The Minister is looking forward to proceed with the project by 2023 however she is also willing have it implemented earlier.


The policy is also known as one of President Moon Jae Ins requests following the Cho Kuk Incident previously.

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