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광주 첫 경제자유구역 지정…'마지막 관문' 프레젠테이션 평가

광주 첫 경제자유구역 지정…'마지막 관문프레젠테이션 평가
Gwangju City makes Final Presentation on Free Economic Zone

The City of Gwangju is infront of the last door before the assignment of the free economic zone for the development of complexes in the City. The final presentation was made at the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology.


Jong Min Kim will tell us more.


Gwangju City is endeavoring to be designated as an AI and energy special zone. As the candidates for the special zone has been narrowed down to Ulsan and Gwangju, the Citys attempt to take the initiative is drawing attention.


However, the City shouldnt lower its guard, as it has one last hurdle to surmount; a final presentation.  A delegation, headed by Park Nam-Eon, a section chief from the Employment & Economy Office in Gwangju, delivered the final presentation to the central government on Thursday, at the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology in Seoul.


Reportedly, Park emphasized the importance of designating Gwangju as a Free Economic Zone, moreover, the City is productively contributing to future industrial businesses such as AI, Bigdata, telecommunications and more and it will be the best condition for the new projects to proceed.


After the designation of the special zone, companies can choose shelved or exempted items out of 201 existing laws and regulations. At the same time, companies could benefit from the rapid confirmation of regulations, temporary permission and test exemptions under the regulatory sandbox scheme.


Companies should make the best use of ways to get around regulations. If designated as a special zone, they can be exempt from regulations according to how they applied for exceptions, a Gwangju City offical said.


In the plan, the 5 industrial complexes in the City: the Bitgreen, Energy

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