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Eco-friendly Vehicle Assembly Certifying Center launches its construction plan.

광주 친환경자동차 부품인증센터 건립 착공…2022년 개소

Eco-friendly Vehicle Assembly Certifying Center launches its construction plan.


The City of Gwangju and the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) together launched the construction plan of the Eco-friendly Vehicle Assembly Certifying Center as they have reportedly purchased a construction site worth 6.9 billion won.


The site is 30,000 square meters in size inside the Bitgreen (빛그린) complex where the Gwangju Type Job car factory will be placed.


The City will invest 36 billion won to construct the 2-floor high building with evaluating and certifying equipment for the vehicle assemblies.


The center will be the nations 2nd automobile safety evaluation center following the Korea Transportation Safety Authority which located at Gyeonggi-dos Hwasung (경기 화성).


The actual construction is expected to start from March 2021 to finish and open by January 2022.

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