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KIA Gwangju Factory increased production for this year.

기아차 광주공장 올 111월 생산량 1% 증가…작년 능가할 듯

KIA Gwangju Factory increased production for this year.


The City of Gwangjus KIA vehicle factory has slightly increased its production by 1 percent compared to last year for the period from January to November.


In numbers, the factory produced 414,000 cars in 2018 except December, however it increased by 1.1 percent which is nearly 5,000 cars, to reach 419,000 this year.


Also, domestic consumption increased by 25 percent totaling 118,000 automobiles, however exports decreased by 6 percent recording 319,000 vehicles.


The company attributes some of its gains to its new car Seltos which was released last July. The car sold over 10,000 units so far.


The company is expecting to exceed the production record of last year which is known to be 455,000 cars.


KIA factory reached their first 400,000 production mark in 2010 and 500,000 in 2014. However, it dropped back to the 400,000-mark starting from 2016.

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