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Punghyang redevelopment union to have meeting over contractor issue.

광주 풍향재개발조합 7일 대의원대회…'시공사 선정 취소논의

Punghyang redevelopment union to have meeting over contractor issue.


Punghyang (풍향) Redevelopment Union announced they will hold a meeting of representatives on Saturday to review the bill for the revocation of POSCO construction from contractor of the redevelopment project.


However, the POSCO Engineering and Construction Company are currently facing a controversy over illegal advertising.


The union will proceed with the majority vote system. If the proposal passes, the general meeting will be scheduled on the 28th of this month to finalize the bill.


POSCO recently became the contractor for the redevelopment project earning 501 votes while Lotte Construction, placed 2nd with 428 votes at the general assembly last month.


The construction will proceed on a 150,000 square meter area aiming to build 35 floor high apartments holding some 3,000 households.

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