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Shim Jae Chul elected as the new floor leader of main opposition LKP.

한국당 원내대표에 '비주류' 5선 심재철…정책위의장 3선 김재원

Shim Jae Chul elected as the new floor leader of main opposition LKP.


Five-lawmaker Shim Jae Chul was elected as the new floor leader of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party (LKP) on Monday. For the conservative partys new policy chief, Governor Kim Jae Won (김재원), a three-term lawmaker, was elected.


Both representatives will continue their term of office until May 29th when the 20th National Assembly comes to end.


Out of 106 votes in the party election, Shims group drew 52 votes beating Kang Seok Ho (강석호), and Kim Seon Dong (김선동), who received 27 votes each.


Political analysts presumed that Shim's win seems to reflect LKP lawmakers' intentions to check the power of LKP Chairman Hwang Kyo-Ahn (황교안), who was recently criticized by some party members for being "authoritarian" after deciding not to extend Na Gyeong Won's tenure.


As the floor leader changes, the officials of the National Assembly are expecting positive chances of negotiation between the ruling Democratic Party (DP) who are pushing the 4+1 policy as a countermeasure against the LKPs protests.


Accordingly, Shim remarked at the greeting speech that the Party will announce the removal of their filibuster and are willing to talk over the fast-track bill with the DP members.

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