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Muan Airport successfully passes TSA’s Aviation Security Assessment

무안국제공항미국 교통보안청 항공보안평가 '전 분야 우수'

Muan Airport successfully passes TSAs Aviation Security Assessment  


Muan (무안) International Airport announced on Monday that they have received an assessment on aviation security from the United StatesTransportation Security Administration (TSA) and it finished successfully. The evaluation was in conjunction regarding the opening the flight route to Guam.


TSA proceeds with the examination for the departure airport and operating airline companies, Jeju (제주) Airline in this case. The company will open a new flight route destination to the American territory.


The American investigators continued the service for 3 days last week including security search official education and equipment status, security of access control system and airport outer fields, emergency preparations and more.


The officials are known to have remarked that every section was very well prepared.


The airport is now the 5th airport to have received the assessment following Incheon (인천), Gimhae (김해), Jeju, and Yangyang (양양).


Jeju Airline will operate daily flights between Muan and Guam starting from December 24th this year to March 7th, 2020.

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