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Gwangju’s Culture and Art Center to launch remodeling construction next year.

광주 문화예술회관 새롭게 변신…내년 하반기 리모델링 착공

Gwangjus Culture and Art Center to launch  remodeling construction next year.


The City of Gwangjus General Construction Headquarters selected the DIG Architects Company yesterday for the remodeling of the Culture and Art Center.


The construction is expected to be begin from the 2nd half of next year investing a total of 24.9 billion won, 2 billion from the national funds and 22.9 billion won from the city fund. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.


The projects main focus is known to be the reconstruction of the theaters which are 18,000 square meters in total containing 2,200 seats.  Its parking lot will also be improved.


The Gwangju Culture & Art Center first opened in 1991 and is some 46,000 in size on 86,000 of land. 

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