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25 percent of migrant workers in Gwangju experience wage arrears.

광주 이주노동자 4명 중 1명 체불…절반 이상은 폭언·폭행 피해

25 percent of migrant workers in Gwangju experience wage arrears.


According to survey results today, 25 percent of migrant workers in the City of Gwangju were found to have experienced not only wage arrears but also verbal and physical assaults.


In the Citys investigation regarding 369 migrants from 12 countries, 24.7 percent said yes to delayed payment of wages while 65.6 percent said no, and 9.8 percent didnt respond.


Illegal immigrants were observed to have experienced more payment delays than foreigners who had a work visa, by 33.3 percent and 23.8 percent, respectively.


Data also showed that the employees had more payment delays at factories compared to at businesses. The period of employment also impacted various factors.


For the verbal and physical assault research, over 54 percent of migrant workers responded yes. Males suffered more than females with 56.8 percent and 48 percent respectively, and majority of victims were proven to be illegal workers with 72.2 percent in all genders.


According to the employment information integrated analysis system, about 14,000 migrant workers are currently working in the City and Jeollanamdo Province.

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