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Candidate registration begins for the 2020 General Election

21대 총선 스타트…광주·전남 17일부터 예비후보 등록

Candidate registration begins for the 2020 General Election


South Korea's election authorities began taking official registrations today from those seeking to become members of the National Assembly in the upcoming election.


Yesung Seo reports


According to the Gwangju City Council and local political groups, the preliminary candidate registration officially started from today, just 120 days before the April 2020 elections.


As the nomination in the Democratic Party is usually confirmed as a result of the election, there are already a series of announcements to run for office and publication events. The move is aimed at preempting the party’s public opinion and showing off its power. Eight politicians have announced their plan to register for the election so far. From the series of announcements of candidates, the party’s primary structure is slowly being outlined.


Kim Sang-Jin (김상진), former President of Gwangju Techno Park, and Min Hyung-Bae (민형배), former Head officer of Gwangsangu office are running for office in Gwangsan-B district. Also, for Buk-gu B, lawyer Jung Jun-Ho (정준호) declared his candidacy as the youngest candidate as well as Cho Oh-Sup (조오섭) the former spokesperson of the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development.


Lee Yong-Bin (이용빈), the Head of the Democratic Party’s Gwangsan local committee who was also formerly a doctor, will run for office in Gwangsan-A.  Moreover, Choi Young-Ho (최영호), the former Head officer of Nam-gu office announced his candidacy for Dongnam-A district.   


Ahead of the general elections, the National Police Agency on Monday said it will launch an exclusive investigation team to crack down on election irregularities. Police will create a special investigation system to monitor and react to cybercrimes related to the elections, including the spread of fake news through social media and hacking attacks on government and party websites.


The election campaign will begin on April 2nd and last for 13 days.

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