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Gwangju’s population will drop dramatically in 2047

2047년 인구, 광주시 126·전남 161만명…23·16만명

Gwangjus population will drop dramatically in 2047


The Honam Statistics Office predicted the number of residents in the City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will decrease by 2047.


According to the data, the population of 2017 stood at 1.49 million however after 30 years, it will drop dramatically to 1.26 million. For the Province, it will decrease from 1.77 million to 1.61 million. By growth percentage, it will read -15.4 percent and -9.1 percent respectively.


Those aged, between 15 to 64, Gwangju read 73.5 percent out of the total residents but it will be reduced to 53.4 percent by 2047. For Jeonnam, the reduction is from 65.6 to 45.3 percent.


For the elderly population, the City will triple the number from 12.9 to 36.6 percent by then, while the Province will double in number from 22.3 percent to 46.8 percent.


Lastly, the life expectancy for males in Gwangju stood at 85.4 and 88.8 for females, while Jeonnam is reported to be 84.9 and 89.8 for men and women.

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