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Forensic Medicine Scientists indicates “Unknown skull with holes has little possibility of being from bullets”

법의학 전문가 "구멍  신원미상 두개골탄흔 가능성 작아"

Forensic Medicine Scientists indicates Unknown skull with holes has little possibility of being from bullets


Forensic medicine scientists noted that there is a high possibility that the holes found at the unknown skull remains may not be the bullet marks.


National Forensic Service officials and forensic medicine specialists had a pre-meeting to discuss the plans and schedules regarding 40 recently discovered, unknown skeletal remains at the old Gwangju prison. At the site the officials together with the specialists checked with bare eyes and discussed the possibility that 1 out of 3 skulls holes may be not from bullets but fromother physical forces.


For the further and detailed analysis, the remains will be moved to the headquarters center of National Forensic Service but difficulties are expected for DNA examination as all the remains were found in poor conditions.


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