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KOBACO KAI to run steady in January

2020 1 KAI 99.8로 보합세 출발

KOBACO KAI to run steady in January


The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) has predicted that the overall Korea Advertising Index (KAI) will have a steady run next month at 99.8.


The KAI is conducted monthly by KOBACO in order to speculate on the fluctuation of the advertising market in advance.


Looking at the media breakdown, broadcast television channels are expected to see an index of 93.2, cable TV 95.2, general broadcasting channels 95.2, radio 90.5, newspaper 90.8 and online-mobile 102.4.


An index of above 100 indicates that expectations are high for the improvement of the advertising industry.


According to KOBACOs data, food and non-alcoholic beverages (123.8)and household goods and services (127) are figured out to strengthen their marketing for next month.


Meanwhile, transportation equipment (76.9) and clothing and shoes (82.4) are predicted to show a huge drop in the new year period.


More detailed information can be found on KOBACOs AD-stat website ( or National Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) website (

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