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Various Christmas Events taking place around the City

크리스마스엔 희망을..... 광주전남 성탄절 문화행사 '다채'

Various Christmas Events taking place  around the City


Christmas is here and people all around the City and Province are enjoying the day off with carols and festivities.


Here are some updates of what has been happening and also for those who had a lazy day and still want to enjoy some Christmas spirit tonight, here are some options.


As one of the main events, the Gwangju National Science Museum in Bukgu held a ‘Christmas Season Event’ which ended today.


The event kicked off on the 22nd of December and had various hands-on events for the family and visitors, including a recreation session with Santa and crafting sessions for families with children.


Also in Nam-gu, Yangrimdong, is hosting an event, dubbed the ‘December Christmas Festival’ which began last week and will last until the 31st of this month at locations around the Yangrim-dong area.


Numerous Christmas trees were decorated and placed along the street connecting Yangrim Church and the Da Hyung Tea House. Various musical performances will also take place around the historic neighborhood until the end of the month.


Meanwhile, Jeonnam’s Damyang County created a Christmas-themed garden with Christmas lights, a large Santa made of recycled plastic boxes, Christmas trees, and Christmas card photo zone. In the garden, a flea market and busking performances will also be held. The festival started on the 13th and will continue until the 29th. I’m Gwangju’s downtown, you can also enjoy the huge LED Christmas tree on the May 18th Democracy Plaza at the ACC.

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