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President Moon approves 9 members for “May 18th Democratization Movement Truth Investigative Commission”

문대통령한국당 추천 5.18 조사위원 9명 재가5.18 진상조사위” 연내 출범

President Moon approves 9 members for May 18th Democratization Movement Truth Investigative Commission


President Moon appointed 9 members for the May 18th Democratization Movement Truth Investigative Commission yesterday. The list is known to include personnel recommended by the Liberty Korea Party.


The suggested members from the Liberty Korea Party include Lee DongUk(이동욱), a former reporter of the Monthly Josun(월간조선), Lee JongHyup(이종협) a major general not on duty and Cha GiHwan(차기환), a former Suwon(수원) district judge.


Lee, a former reporter was previously regarded unqualified by the Blue House, but was urged again by the party, and it is believed that the approval was finalized with consideration that  no further delays should hinder the actions of the Commission.


The rest of the Investigative Commission members include Song SunTae(송선태), former Executive Director of the May 18th Commemorative Foundation, Min ByungRo(민병로), a professor at Jeonnam(전남) Law School, Lee SungChoon(이성춘), a professor at SongWon(송원) University and others.


The Special Act to identify the truth regarding the May 18th Democratization Movement has been in place since September last year, however there was a struggle to the finalize members. 

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