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Tourists to Suncheon reaches over 10 million

'생태 도시올해 순천 찾은 관광객 1천만명 돌파

Tourists to Suncheon reaches over 10 million


Jeollanamdos Suncheon City held a commemoration festival on Thursday to celebrate the breakthrough of 10 million visitors at the City Bay National Garden.


At the ceremony, a 10 million dance performance event was held with 1,000 citizens, fireworks, and rice cake sharing.


This year is also known to be Suncheons 70th anniversary of City Promotion.


The City put in full efforts to advertise the region as Koreas best tourism spot; proceeding with a Kindness Service Campaign for public-private tourists, building a sculpture in Seoul, and various promotions on TV and Youtube.


The City Mayor Heo Suk (허석) claimed the year as Suncheon, Tourism Spot of 2019. Heo added, The City will develop various contents and establish infrastructure to open the 15 million visitors generation.


Suncheon is a great tourism spot for visitors as the region has many traditions and nature, and it also has many attractions; South Koreas first national park, Nakan Eupseong (낙안읍성) Fortress, Seonamsa (선암사) Temple and more.

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