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May 18th Foundation request investigation on Gwangju prison remains.

"신원미상 유골 매장 경위 밝혀달라" 5·18단체수사 의뢰

May 18th Foundation request investigation on Gwangju prison remains.


The May 18th Memorial Foundation and 3 related May Groups; the Bereaved Family Association, the Constraints Association and the Casualty Association, presented a letter of investigation to the Gwangju District ProsecutorsOffice on Monday.


The group remarked at the press conference before the submission of the proposal, For the Gwangju prison unknown remains, a precise investigation should be in progress, not an in-house investigation at the Justice Department level.


Previously, some 40 specimens of unknown remains were found during the retrofit work at a cemetery near the old Gwangju prison area.


The May 18th Democratic Movement related officials have insisted that it could be the victims of the Gwangju Uprising who were secretly buried.


The cemetery was designated as the Solomon Law Park establishment project which is supervised by the Ministry of Justice and was under construction since the 16th.

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