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5 representatives oppose the Moon Hee Sang Bill

'강제징용 문희상案광주 국회의원 5 '반대'

5 representatives oppose the Moon Hee Sang Bill


5 out of 8 Gwangju regional representatives revealed their dissenting opinion against the 1+1+alpha or Moon Hee Sang (문희상) Bill on Monday according to the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery and related civic organizations.


The organization asked the Citys 8 incumbent Assemblymen whether they agreed or opposed in public questioning.


As the response, the Democratic Party (DP) Song Gap Suk (송갑석), Bareunmirae Party Kim Dong Cheol (김동철) and Park Ju Sun (박주선), Daeahnshin Party Chun Jung Bae (천정배) and Cheol Kyeong Hwan (최경환) showed their opposition on the proposal.


3 other members; Bareunmirae Party Gwon Eun Hui (권은희), Daeahnshin Jang Byeong Wan (장병완), and Independent Kim Kyeong Jin (김경진) didnt respond to the questioning.


Moon, the National Assembly spokesperson, previously tabled the Memory, Reconciliation, and Future Foundation establishment proposal, which is to pay compensation, to the victims by the foundation, with 13 national lawmakers. The compensation is known to be collected from Korean and Japanese companies and citizens.

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