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Gwangju to welcome in 2020 with ringing of Democracy Bell

'광주 5·18민주광장서 31 '송신년 시민축제

Gwangju to welcome in 2020 with ringing of Democracy Bell


Tonight, as usual, thousands of people are expected to gather at 5.18 Democracy Square, a historic pavilion in Donggu, to celebrate another year gone by and greet the New Year. To allow the revellers to stroll through streets free from vehicles, traffic will be controlled in downtown throughout the evening for the New Year countdown ceremony.


Yesung Seo has more


Ringing in the New Year traditionally gives a sense of hope and a chance to welcome the new and say farewell to the past. And this year in Gwangju, a special ceremony featuring the ringing of Gwangjus Democracy Bell will take place at downtowns 5.18 Democracy Square to celebrate the New Year starting at 11:00 p.m tonight.


According to the Gwangju Metropolitan Government, Tuesday, 18 people who have contributed to society will be the bell strikers. The bell will be rung 33 times for the New Year celebration.


They will include local government figures including Mayor Lee Yong Seop, City Council Chairman Kim Dong Chan and Superintendent of Education Jang Hwi Gook as well entrepreneurs, multicultural families and more.


After the ceremony, fireworks as well as dance performances are scheduled to celebrate the incoming "Year of the White Rat


Train services will be extended to 1:30 a.m. to allow people to get home from the midnight ceremony. For safety, ambulances and safety staff will be stationed around the sites.


Those planning to participate in the countdown are advised to brace themselves, as another cold spell is forecast to grip the nation, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration.

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