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Gwangju Mayor addresses New Year

이용섭 광주시장 "인공지능 중심도시 광주로 발돋움"

Gwangju Mayor addresses New Year


As the City of Gwangju meets the Gyeong Ja (경자) Year on Wednesday, the City Mayor Lee Yong Sup (이용섭) made a 2020 greeting speech for citizens. Lee wished for a good year for all in the beginning and listed the successes of 2019.


The Mayor pledged the successful completion of the World Aquatic Championship competitions, groundbreaking ceremony of the Gwangju Type Job projects vehicle factory, and Gwangju Metro Line 2 construction process.


After that, Lee remarked on the steps forward to become an Artificial Intelligence (AI) centered city in 2020. He previously announced his 20 key initiatives for 2020 and said that he will also focus his efforts on creating future industry and job positions centered on AI in the coming year.


In addition to AI, Lee promised to create quality jobs by focusing on 11 leading industries including energy, air industries, optical convergence, medical, healthcare and cultural content.


Mayor Lee also attached great significance to the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Movement and pledged full support to the fact-finding committee.

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