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Na GyungWon(나경원), Lee JongGul(이종걸) and 26 other Members of Parliament charged for the “Fast Track Conflict”

'패트 충돌나경원·이종걸  여야의원 28·황교안 기소

Na GyungWon(나경원), Lee JongGul(이종걸) and 26 other Members of Parliament charged for the “Fast Track Conflict”


The prosecutors handed charges to over 28 Members of Parliament including Hwang GyoAn(황교안), the representative of the Liberty Korea Party(자유한국당) and Lee JongGul(이종걸), member of the Democratic Party(더불어민주당) along with 8 other staff such as aides.


The Seoul Southern District Court of the Public Investigation Department held a briefing today and announced that 24 members of the Liberty Korea Party and 5 of the Democratic Party and 8 other staff were charged for obstruction of performance of special official duties, violation of the National Assembly Act, and causing disturbance at the Parliament.

The charge was for several acts of disruption during the Fast Tract Conflict last year during the 25th to 26th of April.


The prosecution said that members with heavy allegations are to be transferred to  formal trials and others with relatively lighter charges will be under summary orders, whereas the remaining were suspended of indictment.

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