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Choo MiAe(추미애), the new Justice Minister meets Yoon SukYeol(윤석열), the Prosecutor General.

추미애 신임 법무장관임명 첫날 윤석열 검찰총장과 대면(종합)

Choo MiAe(추미애), the new Justice Minister meets Yoon SukYeol(윤석열), the Prosecutor General.


Choo MiAe(추미애), the newly appointed Justice Minster met Yoon SukYeol(윤석열), the Prosecutor General on her first day of duty at the Government New Years Event.


As immediate and massive prosecution reforms are expected with Choos inauguration, all attention is drawn to the first contact between the heads of the justice department and the prosecution.


According to the Ministry of the Justice and the Supreme Prosecutors Office, Minister Choo and Prosecutor General Yoon both participated at the Government New Years Event held at the Seoul JungGu(중구) Korean Chamber of Commerce headquarters today at 11 in the morning.


This was the first time Choo and Yoon faced each other since the appointment was made, and as President Moon JaeIn(문재인) made a commitment at the event to complete prosecution reform and other measures aimed at promoting social justice this year, attention is concentrated on Choos works furthermore.

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