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Gwangju, Jeonnam Universities regular admissions wrapped up, competition rate lower compared to last year

광주·전남 대학 정시모집 마감경쟁률 작년보다 하락
Gwangju, Jeonnam Universities regular admissions wrapped up, competition rate lower compared to last year


The regular admission periods for universities within Gwangju.Jeonnam areas have closed and the competition rate has shown a decrease compared to last years.


It is interpreted as the school-aged population shows a decline, the candidates for the college scholastic ability test or 수능 also decreased by 50,000, thus resulting in the downturn in number of applicants.


According to the reports by the universities yesterday, Jeonnam University had 3,965 applicants for 1,274 intakes, which is 3.31 to 1 in ratio whereas last years competition rate of Jeonnam University regular admission was 4.1 to 1.


As for the Josun University, there were in total of 4,000 applicants for 1,438 seats, which showed 2.78 to 1 in ratio, marking a decrease comparing to last years 3.4 to 1.


The Honam University reported its competition ended with 3.93 to 1 in ratio, which was 432 applicants for 110 intakes in numbers. This is a drop from last years 4.8 to 1 but the school noted it remains the most competitive school among four-year-universities within the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions.


Gwangju University indicated the largest reduction rate with recordings of 2.51 to 1 comparing to last years 4.52 to 1. There were 538 applicants for 214 admissions.

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