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Ahn Cheol Soo’s return will likely affect political arena

안철수 정계 복귀, 광주·전남 총선에는어떤 영향

Ahn Cheol Soo’s return will likely affect political arena

 Facing the general election this year, Ahn CheolSoo(안철수), a former member of Bareunmirae Party, made his return to the political arena yesterday. As for the possible outcomes with his return, Yesung Seo reports.

Ahn Cheol Soo, a co-founder of the Bareunmirae Party, will return to South Korea's political arena, according to his Facebook post on Thursday. The former presidential candidate's return is expected to bring about a political upheaval in Gwangju and the South Jeolla region ahead of the general election slated for April.


Ahn created the People’s Party, a predecessor of the Bareunmirae Party, in 2016 and won 38 seats in the previous general election, becoming the third largest political group.


However, the party merged with the center-right Bareun Party in 2018, creating the Bareunmirae Party shortly before the election. The Party has been largely split since Ahn left after the mayoral election.


Observers said Ahn will likely create a new party with lawmakers still loyal to him, but another possibility would be returning to the Bareunmirae Party and gaining control over it.


Moreover, for Gwangju and the South Jeolla region, the variables are expected to be whether he will join the political reform centered on the conservatives or the political realignment centered on Honam-affiliated lawmakers.


Meanwhile, political analysts and incumbent lawmakers downplayed Ahn's return, claiming his influence is likely to be limited.


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