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Democratic Party’s competition in Honam likely to be in full swing for General Election

Marking the 100th day before the April general election today, competition between the candidates is heating up. HyungJin Ro reports. 

총선 D-100달아오른 민주당 경선전

Democratic Partys competition in Honam likely to be in full swing for General Election

With 100 days before from the April 15 general elections, candidates of the ruling Democratic Party are stepping up their efforts to recover their approval rating in the party’s traditional stronghold of Honam region.


According to the recent poll, Gwangju's Dongnam-gap, Seogu-eul, Gwangsan-gap, and Mokpo, Suncheon and Yeosu were predicted to be the main battlegrounds for the election. As the gap in approval ratings among the top two candidates in those districts is around 10 percent, the race is expected to get fiercer over time.


In Dongnam-gap district, former head of Namgu Office Choi Young Ho, former administrator of Chungwadae Yoon Young Duk, and former election campaign committee chairman for President Moon Jae In, Lee Jung Hee will compete for the candidacy.


Yang Hyang Ja, former chief of the Democratic Party, and Lee Nam Jae, the former aide of the South Jeolla Governor, are competing against six-term lawmaker Chun Jung-bae for Seogu-eul position.


Meanwhile, Lee Yong Bin, a member of the Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development, who has long managed the district, and Lee Seok Hyung, a three-term Hampyeong County Governor, appeared to be competing for Gwangsan-gab district.

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