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Restoring the old Jeonnam Provincial Government building, the final May 18th Uprising site, is prompted

'5·18 최후 항쟁지옛 전남도청 복원 탄력

Restoring the old Jeonnam Provincial Government building, the final May 18th Uprising site, is prompted


The old Jeonnam Provincial Government building, which is known as the final protest site for the May 18th Democratic Movement, is being prompted for restoration.


The May 18th Commemorative Foundation and the Old Jeonnam Provincial Government Building Restoration Promotion Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have agreed to an MOU today for the successful restoration of the former Jeonnam Provincial Government building.


The two affiliated organizations will share resources regarding the old Provincial building during May of 1980, as the references are lacking. They have also agreed for cooperating on a system for the exhibition and promotion of May 18th.


The MOU will be maintained until the restoration business is complete in 2022, as the construction will begin in November this year if the final blueprint for the construction becomes fixed on September 25th.

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