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Ahn ChiHong(안치홍) leaving KIA for Lotte

안치홍, KIA 떠난다롯데로 이적

Ahn ChiHong(안치홍) leaving KIA for Lotte


Ahn ChiHong(안치홍) is leaving KIA Tigers to transfer to Lotte Giants.


Lotte Giants Club announced today that the team and Ahn ChiHong(안치홍) signed a Free Agent contract for 2 years for a maximum of 2.6 billion won.


Lotte noted there is a contract extension clause under mutual agreement for 2 years for a maximum of 3.1 billion won in 2022 and if the extension becomes executed, Ahn’s contract will be of maximum 4 years worth 5.6 billion won .


Ahn ChiHong entered KIA in 2009 playing 2nd base and sported a batting average of 0.3, hit 100 home runs and recorded 586 runs batted in within 1,124 games.

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