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Gwangju launches new innovation committee for city’s energy policy

Gwangju launches new innovation committee for city’s energy policy

에너지정책위원회 출범식

The Gwangju Innovation Committee has been organized by Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-Sup to draw up a blueprint for Gwangju’s future energy development.

Jongmin Kim reports


The committee held its launching ceremony at City Hall and promised to open a new era for Gwangju, together with its citizens.

The committee has declared intention to embrace change and innovation with ‘Gwangju, Jeonnam Energy Industry Convergence Complex Construction Plan and focus on tackling impending issues and set up some specific projects for the City and find new solutions.

Some 80 experts in related fields are taking part in the committee to develop a new promising industry and ways to create more jobs.

Gwangju’s energy officials emphasized that when the special committee is organized, the current Gwangju style job model project can be expanded to energy related companies by narrowing the gap between management and unions, and successfully attracting investment.

According to the Gwangju City government, the complex, which has been promoted since the end of 2017, is being built on 932,000 in Namgu District. More than 50 Korean and foreign companies have already submitted letters of intent, and the complex will be in full operation by 2021.

Reportedly, Mayor Lee said he will make Gwangju become the center of the new energy industry in the country, and he will lead by reflecting the citizens’ voices. He also mentioned that the committee intends to open his policies transparently to the citizens to attract more attention and create more jobs for the young generation

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