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‘BitGreen’ Industrial Complex District Business known to create ‘Gwangju Type Jobs’ selected at the competition project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

'광주형 일자리빛그린 산학융합 지구 사업산업부 공모 선정

BitGreen Industrial Complex District Business known to create Gwangju Type Jobs selected at the competition project by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy


Gwangju city announced today that the development business proposal for the BitGreen(빛그린) industrial complex district has been selected at the competition project at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.


The Bitgreen business is known to promote the Gwangju Type Job Creation and the entry to the competition was in a consortium of Gwangju city, Jeonnam University, Gwangju Techno-Park, Industrial Complex Corporation, and others.


As a result, Gwangju city will be receiving 12 billion won worth of national funding for 6 years along with an additional 1 billion won worth of private funds to establish infrastructures within the BitGreen industrial complex such as industry complex campus or corporation research labs.

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